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UTS Basketball offers a representative program like no other, it is the home for talented basketballers wanting to develop their game as well as studying at UTS. The representative pathway at UTS is an alternative pathway for those basketball players who value an education in addition to their basketball careers. 


Mens and Womens trials are held at the beginning of each year, with these trials squads are then picked and set to represent UTS in a variety of basketball events and competitions throughout the calendar year. 

These squads will determine the players who will represent UTS in the University Basketball League (UBL), whereby UTS will compete against Universities from across Australia to see who is crowned University League Champions. 

In addition to this these squads will determine who will represent UTS in the 3 x 3 & 5 x 5 Nationals.


All the students who are successful in trialling for the squads, they will be eligible for entry in the UTS Elite Athlete Program which enables all athletes to receive support when their studies and sporting commitments collide. 

In addition to all this the EAP members receive a multitude of benefits from financial grants, academic support, access to our sporting facilities and many more. 

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