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Club Vision:
To provide the best possible community based basketball club for both past and present UTS students, giving each member an opportunity to play socially or competitively. 
We strive to ensure that each member is able to have fun, make new friends and experience the great game of basketball.

Club Values:

  • Respect all members of the basketball club community. 


  • Promote teamwork in all aspects of the game.


  • Instil necessary discipline no matter what situation is faced.


  • Ensure everyone involved endures the up-most enjoyment.

Club Principles: 

  • Provide safe and well organised competitions for all our members.

  • Full support and development of current and future club referees. 

  • Full support and development of current and future club coaches.

  • Funds raised will support the club players compete at a representative level.

  • Work with UTS Sport and other governing bodies to  develop the club.